Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui is metaphysical science about cosmic energy (Qi) of the living environment with purpose to harness the best and help us to achieve particular goals in our everyday life. So Feng Shui is an ‘Art’ helping us to achieve the quality of life by researching and analyzing living environment, to understand the flow of the energy and its influence on our residence. Qi is a natural phenomenon and that is the reason why classical Feng Shui masters almost never suggest putting some »special« items into apartment or house as »New Age Feng Shui« masters do. For the same reason they do not suggest decorative or colour changes as solution for better flow of energy.

Classical Feng Shui masters tell us where to collect good energy, to harness it and at the same time how to avoid negative energy (Sha Qi).

There are two classical Feng Shui schools:


San He

emphasizes environmental features such as terrains, water and mountains (exterior Feng Shui)


San Yuan

is based on mathematics and numerical logic of the Yi Jing (internal Feng Shui)


The main difference between those two schools is that San He focuses on forms and flows of water, therefore, on the environment; while San Yuan emphasizes »time« (inside home or office in the particular year, month or even day). The best way to get the optimal result is the combination of both methods. The environment shall support us and at the same time teach us how to maximize the efficiency of those parts of our home where at the specific time lay the most beneficial stars for the field we want to develop or support (for example to improve our relationships).