Face reading

Face reading is one of five Chinese Arts as well and it is one of the most popular. Observing a person’s face is relatively simple. With Face reading we need to read facial expressions, small movements and tics as well. We need to be careful about twinkling of eyes, the manner of person’s grins, gazes, smiles or the way someone speaks, because all tell us something about that person. This kind of Face reading was developed in ancient Greece, too but Chinese got much further in this field. They do not observe personality traits and character but focus on destiny and fortune as well. So it does not tell us just if the person is stubborn, but also whether this person enjoys good luck or not, what kind of career is best to choose, how he/she will act in marriage….

The most simple face divisions are three:
- Region up of eyebrows – represents our youth
- Region between the pick of the nose and eyebrows – represents middle age
- Region under nose – represents senior age

Furthermore we can divide our face on Twelve Palaces, for example (Life Palace, Career Palace,..) and hundred Positions on the face. Everyone represents one year of our life.

Even here we can use five elements representing different energies and we can determine if one of energies prevails. When a person has a triangular face with broad chin, the fire energy prevails. Oval face represents a person with metal energy, oblong face a person with wood energy, irregular face a water person and rectangular an earth person. Appropriate to that, we know the person’s prevailing characteristic.

Wood people are known as thinkers, water persons are potential entrepreneurs, metal ones are righteous, fire ones are illuminators and motivators, earth ones are quiet and slow and they often need encouragement.