Date Selection

Date selection is classical Chinese practice more than two thousand years old and goes back to Han Dynasty. At first this method was used for strategic decisions for military and state matters. It was used also in ancient Greece. Indian and Mayan civilizations used it to time events like harvest and prayer rituals. Chinese approach combines the aspiration to understand the movement and events in the Cosmos. This was achieved by long-term, careful observation and recording of astrological events in comparison to social and political events and changes on the Earth.

Observations through centuries formed some patterns and from those recordings many metaphysical studies emerged. The cyclical concept of time, energy and movement of stars were used in Feng Shui, Astrology and Date selection.

The concept of Date selection is simple. Certain important activities should be developed at a precise time, when support by cosmic energies is given. Including positive energy at some important events (wedding, start new business, start study,…), it can bring more positive aspects into it.

Of course Date Selection is not so simple. Different energies of five elements (in consideration of the Day Master in someone’s BaZi chart) support different events. We need to emphasize that there are not many good days in a month or a year, especially when we look for good days for more people. In this case we need to plan substantially before particular event.

If we have no opportunity to wait for a good day, we still have possibility to choose a generally good day or at least avoid the bad day.