BaZi Profiling

BaZi profiling based on BaZi astrology was developed by master of Chinese metaphysics Joey Yap. He is offering the fastest and the easiest way to look at ourselves from a distance, like we would be looking with somebody else’s eyes. This way we can see ourselves more clearly, our vision of life could change and finally a change inside ourselves may occur.

Have you ever had difficulties with a brilliant person whom it was impossible to work with? Or maybe you thought that some person is really genius but he could not have a good relationship with anybody.

It is really sad to watch such people knowing they will probably never be able to use their full potential because they do not know their strengths and weaknesses. And that kind of people are not able to understand themselves and others. Are you such a person but you do not realize that? Now you have a choice to help yourself.

Joey Jap’s advice is:


Be who you are but on your best way. Change your life and design your destiny.

We know that our attitude makes our personality. Whether our outlook of life is positive or negative, open or closed, expected or unexpected, susceptible or not it is absolutely our choice. So we have all possibilities to choose »healthy« or »unhealthy« way of behavior. If we behave healthy we choose positive features otherwise we choose negative ones. We need to realize that we will swing from healthy to unhealthy way of behavior but which one will prevail in our life, is our choice.

The most important purpose of BaZi profiling is to understand ourselves. When we really understand ourselves and become the best friend to ourselves, then and only then, we can understand others and we can improve our relationship with them.

The quickest way to learn something about ourselves, persons we love, those in our life we spend most of our free time with, people we work with or even our competitors, is to click here and get three levels of our personality in English language. In case English language is an obstacle for you, it is possible to get BaZi Profiling report also in Slovene language.


Level 1 – The Day Master – Who am I?

The Day Master means inborn personality. There are ten Day Masters – each with unique personality traits. They give us the answers to “Who am I?”


Level 2 – The Structure – How do we approach to the world?

The Structure explains our attitude and behavior or how we use our personality. It upgrades the Day Master and shows us our tendencies – are we leaders, creators, supporters, thinkers or connectors? Through the five Structures each of ten Day Masters is expressed differently. Here we find the answers to our question why we react in specific way and why we like some things and why we do not like the others. The answer is right there, in our BaZi Structure.


Level 3 – Profile – What should we do in our life or what is our role?

The Profile tells us what our unique abilities and skills are. It also reveals our role in society and life. BaZi profiling recognizes ten basic roles or profiles. Each of them plays a different role.
It shows what makes us happy, what success means to us, our sense for our achievements and goals in our life – in short our unique style of actions. The path to achieve our success with as little resistance as possible and wealth can only be accessed when we get into our »flow«, in other words, when we take action at the right time. BaZi profiling shows us how to achieve that by giving us patterns regarding relationships at work and on social field. First step to positive transformation in our life is to recognize these patterns.

When we get acquainted with ourselves we can clearly see who we are. Then we can realize that we are often the principal cause of our problems. So, when we accept that fact, we can start to change ourselves into a better person and that can bring us approval in our life.