BaZi Astrology

BaZi astrology is one of many studies of Destiny Analyses. It is issued from the ancient Chinese metaphysical science and analyzes a person’s life based on his/her BaZi Destiny Chart depending on the date of birth. Universal energy called Qi manifests itself during that certain time in a specific manner. BaZi chart consist in interaction of five elements with Yin and Yang polarity producing 10 Heavenly stems. Furthermore it is based also on 12 Earthly branches which are known on the West side of the Globe as 12 animals of Chinese horoscope. The stems and the branches are represented in BaZi chart in Four pillars. Every pillar represents one of 4 Heavenly stems in the first line (hour, day, month and year) and one of 4 Earthly branches in the second line. BaZi literally means “Eight Characters”: Ba = eight, Zi = symbol.

To have a more precise view we need to complete those Four pillars with ten years Luck pillars representing absolutely individual time sequences for every single person interacting with the person’s BaZi chart.

The purpose for studying BaZi is to become aware if our five elements are in harmony. In case, we see deficiency of some element(s) or we need to stimulate some, we have to change our thinking, our behavior …and overcome our weaknesses.

Basically BaZi enable us to:
-Make better – informed decisions in our lives
-Improve our potential
-Better understanding of our relationships
-Choose easier the right career
-Apply classical Feng Shui rightly.

BaZi is taking action – so we can be doing right thing on right time with right people in right place.