Those of you who have known me since my youth probably wonder what new I can tell you about myself. You know I am a mother as most women on this wonderful planet Earth but what some of you maybe do not know is that I have two beautiful grandchildren who bring a lot of joy and vivacity into my life.

Some of you have known me since my school and university years and some of you by my professional occupation: banking, stock marketing, accounting and finances. But what many of you do not know is that a few years ago I accidentally found myself (if accidentally exists) at the lecture about ancient Chinese skills of Qi Gong, Dao Jin-a, Wudang Tai Ji given by Master Dušan Donko. Since then I have been convinced that it is worth devoting my time to these skills. Even more, I have found out that China is not only famous for special knowledge about the control of physical as well as mental state of body but also offers exceptional knowledge about Chinese Metaphysics which, strictly speaking, presents the same principle only on wider macro level. So I have started to study the theory of five elements and their yin and yang polarity, the BaZi astrology, classical Feng Shui, Mian Xiang (face reading) and Yi jing (the book of changes). I have realized that they are closely related and that is why I have continued my study and I cannot stop and I really do not intend to stop as I am still discovering greater and greater value of the mentioned knowledge. I have finished all levels of education held by Dušan Donko – given by him as a freelance instructor and as an instructor of Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. He has inspired me and I have become more and more interested. I know that there are endless sources of this ancient knowledge that Chinese people have been developing for ages.

Because of that I went to finish three more levels of Bazi astrology at the Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Kuala Lumpur. I successfully finished all three and got my diploma. I also completed Bazi Profiling and Mian Xiang there. I have to admit that the Master of Chinese Metaphysics Joey Yap (the founder of Academy) made me enthusiastic. In spite of his youth he has already published over 60 books about Metaphysics. He presents the materials in such uncomplicated way as though he would receive the information about inexhaustible knowledge that circles in the universe through an invisible channel.

You probably wonder what my professional occupation and Chinese Metaphysics have in common and what might be wrong with me that I have combined such a realistic field with something so mysterious and fictive. But the fact is that both fields belong into the element – fire -which best represents a person born on the same day as me. And those of you who wonder how I can after all my professional education still wish to study, let me tell you that in my astrological chart study represents wood which is necessary to keep the fire burning. This is the reason why.

And believe me, more you learn about Chinese Metaphysics, more logical becomes to you and finally you may realize that there is no mystery and fiction in it. Chinese Metaphysics becomes interesting when you feel the power of its information which can help you to take the right decisions and consequently improve your life.

Tonka Božinović