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BaZi Profiling

BaZi profiling based on BaZi astrology was developed by master of Chinese metaphysics Joey Yap. He is offering the fastest and the easiest way to look at ourselves from a distance, like we would be looking with somebody else’s eyes. This way we can see ourselves more clearly, our vision of life could change and finally a change inside ourselves may occur.

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Date Selection

Date selection is classical Chinese practice more than two thousand years old and goes back to Han Dynasty. At first this method was used for strategic decisions for military and state matters. It was used also in ancient Greece. Indian and Mayan civilizations used it to time events like harvest and prayer rituals.

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Face reading

Face reading is one of five Chinese Arts as well and it is one of the most popular. Observing a person’s face is relatively simple. With Face reading we need to read facial expressions, small movements and tics as well. We need to be careful about twinkling of eyes, the manner of person’s grins, gazes, smiles or the way someone speaks, because all tell us something about that person.

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